Welcome to Smart Property Maintenance

When your lawn is healthy and well maintained you not only enjoy it more, it also:
  • Produces oxygen
  • Cleans air and absorbs pollutants
  • Traps rainwater, recharging your lawn
  • Cools our climate
  • Improves communities we live in
When your house is well maintained you not only enjoy it more, it also:
  • Increases its value
  • Appreciated by neigbours and guests
  • Enhances curb appeal
  • Improves communities we live in
Core Aeration
Core Aeration makes your grass greener, lush, thicker and healthier by removing small cores of soil to allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.
Power Raking
Power Raking also called Dethatching, usually performed by flail baldes, removes a layer of moss and thatch from the grass making your lawn cleaner and healthier.
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing is one of the most important practices to keep your lawn healthy and tidy and also comply with bylaws. When mowed regularly grass branches out and becomes denser.
Moss Control
Moss Control involves multiple mesures to make a long term impact. Moss will grow in lawns with excessive surface moisture, acid soil, low fertility and compacted soils.